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Perfectly roasted coffee in the heart of Melbourne

Serena Coffee is a wholesale supplier of every kind of coffee
Our crown espresso blend is made from 100% good quality Arabica beans. Roasted on site with hot steamed air technology by roast master Nader, unlocking the full flavour of the coffee giving you a totally enjoyable taste.

Serena Coffee - Coffee direct from the roaster
Buy from Serena Coffee and you buy coffee straight from the roaster. No retail middleman, no retail mark-up - direct from the roaster to you. Serena Coffee values the relationship it has with its customers.

"All day I drink coffee, and all day I think about coffee. I think about the flavours and the texture and the aroma, and I think about everything I can do to make the best blend possible." - Nader Nader

Serena Coffee - Committed to you
Serena Coffee works closely with its customers so that their retail operations not only have the best bean but the knowledge and equipment to produce amazing cups of coffee that will have coffee lovers flocking for more.

Serena Coffee - Dedicated to the perfect roast and the perfect cup
Whether you're a café owner looking for a supplier of beans where you know consistency and quality is guaranteed, or a coffee lover on an endless search for the perfect cup, make your way to Hope Street, Brunswick to Serena Coffee and let Nader pour you a cup of one of his blends.

Serena Coffee: Passionate and precise, dedicated to the perfect roast - every time

Serena Coffee Wholesale Beans

Serena Coffee - Perfectly air-roasted
The process of roasting is about unlocking the flavour of each coffee bean and, as Nader has learnt over his 14 years in the industry, the key to a perfect roast is one thing – precision. That's why he roasts all his varieties of coffee using the technique of air-roasting. This method envelops the beans in a cushion of hot air, heating each bean evenly inside and out. Unlike conventional drum roasting where hot spots and burning can infuse the beans with a smoky flavour, air-roasting is controlled, consistent and precise.

The result: perfectly roasted beans with a clean, smooth taste

Crown Espresso blend
Excellent espresso, no matter how exquisite your machine or good your technique, is nothing without good quality, expertly roasted beans. Over-roasted, and the first taste is a bitter wake-up call, under-done and there is no flavour and no all important crema.

Serena Coffee's espresso blend is roasted to produce a consistent quality in the cup, with a thick crema, strong full bodied, rich taste and pleasant after taste.
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Lebanese / Turkish blend
"When I was a child I would sit and watch my grandmother roast coffee with a little drum roaster. We would sit by the fire as she turned the handle and I listened to the beans roll over inside. We would wait for the smell, ahh the smell there is nothing like it I tell you, that is how I roast the Turkish blend, just like my grandmother, I wait for the right smell."

Serena Coffee's Turkish / Lebanese blend has an enviable reputation among Melbourne's middle eastern community and is enjoying a growing popularity interstate. This wholesale blend has the traditional taste that you remember.
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Serena Coffee show room café

The best way to get to know Serena Coffee is to come to the Hope Street café bar. Situated just off Sydney Road it's a great place to meet. There's plenty of outside seating where you can relax, with a delicious cup of coffee in your hand, watching the colourful characters of Brunswick wander by.

But it's inside that boasts the real Serena Coffee experience. Serena Coffee roasts all its coffee on the premises in one of two roasters—a larger roaster where Nader roasts batches of the special Crown blend, or the smaller Diedrich situated in the café.

The Diedrich roasts small batches every day, using Serena Coffee's range of single source beans from the best coffee producing areas around the world. Customers can enjoy the aroma of freshly roasting beans while browsing the displays of coffee sets and brewing accessories.

Serena Coffee's show room café is open
8am - 5pm Monday - Friday
8am - 2pm Saturday

Single Origin - Mild body, slightly sweet taste
Organic Single Origin - Medium taste, excellent flavour
Single Origin - Medium body, sweet like dark chocolate
Single Origin - Rich flavour, deep body, slight caramel flavour
Papua New Guinea
Organic Single Origin - Rich smooth, tropical flavour
Costa Rica
Organic Single Origin - Full rich body, excellent flavour

Serena Coffee equipment and supplies

Nader is a man who knows the answer to every question you could possibly ask about coffee and he has a wide range of coffee equipment supplies available in his show room. Including all the cleaning supplies and accessories to descale or maintain your coffee machines.

Whatever your problem may be, come in and see Nader, he'll be happy to help.

Serena helps set up new and existing cafés and businesses with all your coffee needs.
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How to find Serena Coffee
Serena Coffee Showroom and Café
15 Hope Street
Brunswick VIC 3056

Phone: (03) 9388 1004

Only 200 metres from Sydney Road.
By Tram: route 19, stop number 25.
By Train: Antsey Station on the Upfield line.
Car parking available on site.

Serena Coffee 15 Hope Street Brunswick VIC 3056 Phone: (03) 9388 1004